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About Us

We are Lima Haus, distributors who are here to offer you thoughtful, modern and quality building material solutions for your home. 


Building a home is an exciting endeavour, which requires much thought and attention and you can trust us with being equally invested in crafting your dream home. We provide informed building material solutions that cater to various budgets, with the assurance of remarkable quality and global products. 

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Abbey Rodrigues
Founder, Lima Haus

The founder of Lima Haus, Mr Abbey Rodrigues, started the company in 2021 with a vision to bring perfect building material solutions to everyone. He has a strong understanding of the market and possesses over 28 years of experience in sales and marketing.


Formerly as the President of Sales at Cera Sanitaryware Ltd, he was able to lead the company to new heights beginning as the Head of Sales in South India and in 2012 moving on as the Head of Sales at the National and International level. In 7 years (from 2012) the  company’s turnover had grown to 1340 Crores from 316 crores under his leadership as the President of sales.


Mr Abbey Rodrigues brings his expertise and vast experience to Lima Haus, offering  you with perfect solutions to build a home that will stand the test of time. 

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